Tuesday 12 April 2016


“Fair is foul, and foul is fair”, the lines from Act 1, Scene 1 of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, MACBETH, surely found its significance in the contemporary times. The foul-play being conducted in order to deliver justice is surely a reflection of what Shakespeare quoted in his tragic drama. Likewise, Sting Operation is a method of doing justice to the people of the country, by some established or anonymous vigilantes or recognized media houses in order to reveal the masks of the people with power and influence, who are running the country or, have been a part of the governing bodies, who, eventually gave themselves up to vices like corruption, human trafficking, adultery, sex racketeering, etc.

In these turbulent times, when people lost what used to be a conscience, or morality, the questions raised behind the ethics of running a sting operation, might be a bit too hypocritical. We are living in times, where justice or truth is seldom heard of. Therefore, it is bewildering how, ethical criticisms are being thrown at such operations that consequentially delivers the truth.  The questions that are being raised against the ethics of journalism, are somewhat degrading the mere purpose of journalism. Investigative journalism is all about finding out the truth at any cost, therefore, it is somewhat inhibiting the very role of a journalist. Article 19 (1a) of the Constitution upholds the freedom of speech and expression, which is the very basis and purpose of Journalism.  Yet, the reputation of journalism is put at stake, every time the purpose is being fulfilled.

Every time a Sting Operation has been undertaken, a singular motif has always been working behind it, and that is ‘to uphold the truth’. For instances ,like, sting operations on ultra-sound centers, carried out by the Karnataka Health Officers, resulted in the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act which bans sex determination of fetuses  and consequent abortion to stop female feticide. Another operation in which a journalist, posing as a struggling actress, met  actor Shakti Kapoor, who promised in t he television footage that his secretary would introduce her, with other  film directors, thus the issue of casting couch being dealt with. Also, another successful consequence, is the operation conducted by Tehelka, an online news portal, which caught up army officers and politicians taking bribes from journalists posing as businessman.

 From Sarada to Narada, every Sting, revealed the failure of the system, that we are or have been a part of. It revealed the inability and corrupted nature of a state government, eventually which is a part of the system. May be, Sting Operation isn’t entirely a true conduct of truth deliverance, but, in today’s time, what is? A society, which does not hesitate to commit heinous crimes like infanticide, feticide, rape, burglary, trafficking, murder and what not, the only question that hangs at its head is, does this society deserves justice in an absolute truthful way? To think of it, everybody is or has been deceitful or did commit some crime, maybe not in the eyes of law, but definitely murdering his/her ethics or conscience.

 That is how the human race is being built, and it is built to commit sins. Hence, when there are a few redeemers who want to help this society to distinguish between right and wrong, why contradict their ways? Why questioning their methods? Just because these journalists or media houses or even government officers, thought out of the way to help this sinner society, which is already tainted with innumerous sins?

This outrageous hypocrisy should immediately be ceased. We should at least, try and let them do their duty which they have sworn for, that is to serve justice, hence serving for the benefits of the society.  Criticizing the ways of ‘deliverance’ seems easy, then it is my advice to those is, please suggest or undertake a method that is absolutely devoid of any foul-play at every stage of the procedure, hence proving the criticisms worthy.

Paramita Das
( PG MEDIA 2015-2017)

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