Friday 15 April 2016

T20 Cricket: Good and Bad at the same time?

Champions League T20 or Twenty20 is a typical international cricketing event of three hours with each innings lasting around 75–90 minutes having a 10–20-minute interval. This is much shorter than previously-existing forms of cricket. In total 12 teams participate of with ten of them being the permanent members of ICC, while the remaining two are chosen by the Board through qualifying matches for the final event. However, in 2014 16 teams participated in it.

Since its inception the game has been very successful, resulting in its spread around the cricket world.  The inaugural ICC World Twenty20 was played in South Africa in 2007. Every two years an ICC World Twenty20 tournament is to take place, except in the event of an ICC Cricket World Cup being scheduled in the same year, in which case it will be held the year before. In cricket, the concept of franchises or clubs hasn’t really caught on before the advent T20. For the fans, cricket has mostly been about national passion and they are used to the national rivalries, having been fed on nation versus nation confrontations for years now.

Twenty20 cricket is claimed to have "raised the bar" in terms of fitness levels for all players, demanding higher levels of strength, speed, agility and reaction time from all players regardless of role in the team. This might lead to fatigue and tiredness among players. Indian Premier League was the dawn of a new era in T20 cricket.  Unlike football, it is still more about the cricketers than the team itself. If a cricketer of any team (upon whom audiences & other team members can support) fails to give his best, then the whole team suffers for this.

However, the biggest problem of the CLT20 seems to be the scheduling of the tournament also. Players hardly get time for rest to give their best in the 20-20 overs. A continuous pressure of various matches before and after T20 disturbs their concentration. So, to some extent T20 is causing a great massacre of cricket, as a result of which cricket gradually is loosing its charm. There are no specific formats of batting. Runs play major roles, a match is a success if it possesses maximum number of runs.

The format of ICC World Cup T20 is first World Cup starts with round robin, which is followed by Super 8s & then the Semi-Finals & the Finals which detect the winner. Since 2007 five seasons of T20 was successfully played till now. This year INDIA hosted the event & the finale was held on APRIL 3, 2016 AT EDEN GARDENS between ENGLAND & WEST INDIES

                                                            Aindrila Chatterjee
                                                              ( PG MEDIA 2015-2017)


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