Sunday 10 April 2016

New Political Alliance- a success or a failure story?

Any political journey is filled with the instances of political parties forming an alliance to run the country. Though they don’t always share a common ideology, it’s often for the want of gaining power and meeting the political objectives that bring them together. The trend of forming an alliance with other parties started during the 90s. What started this phenomenon is the gradual empowerment of the regional parties. Unlike in the past, the political discourse today is not restricted to Congress and BJP. While public support for these parties has gradually decreased, the regional parties have continued to gain overwhelming support.
Be it the pre-election or the post election alliance, the fundamental reason behind accommodating other parties’ agenda is the need to hold on to the power, even if it means shaking hands with the one-time rival. Looking at some examples of alliances from 2016 assembly polls to be held we find how these political parties change their support for their own benefit. The once Congress-TMC alliance is this year against each other. Congress is joining hands with CPI (M) whereas BJP which was last elections against TMC, this year is providing an indirect support to this political party. In this game of gaining the power, every political party gets into alliance with each other to defeat their respective rival party. But in the very next elections itself we can see, how they change from friends to enemies just to survive in the race game.

Thus these joining and breaking of alliances have been continuing for years and will still be carried forward in the future. But to comment on the fact that, whether it is a success or a failure story is very controversial. They tend to fail to focus on the people who will be actually electing them. Bunches and bunches of promises during campaigns and after winning the polls forgetting them in a click is the usual trend for these parties during the elections trauma. Therefore any political alliance is a success only if they can work for the people of the state or country to make a better place for the people to live in or else such an alliance is a failure for both the people as well as the parties.

Sneha Menon
( PG MEDIA 2015-2017)

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