Tuesday 12 April 2016

New Alliance in WB-Not an Option but Necessity

Somenath Chatterjee, former Speaker of Lok Sabha and a veteran former communist leader said, ‘It is essential for all opposition forces to come together in bringing about a change in the government in West Bengal.’ Hence we get a newly allied CPM-Congress party against Mamata Banerjee's All India Trinamool Congress (AITC).
Mathematically it’s known when two negatives bond, one positive is created. But according to our versatile NarendraModi, in politics mathematical orders don’t work instead the chances are more exponential. The recent alliance may possess a threat to the colossal armada of Trinamool Congress but the question is how catastrophic or insignificant would it be. It’s a do or die situation for CPIM & Congress as their base and image both has been lost in the battle over power.

History tells us that Congress was the undisputed name at the capital whereas CPIM was the same at Bengal with a long tenure of being at power with the majority of the population in their favour until the recent shakedown of the central poll of 2014 and the state poll of 2011.
But there is a pre synopsis to this alliance. Back in 1960s and in the beginning of the 70s the communists planted the seeds of antipathy towards the Congress and in the years following 2000, Trinamool had allied with the Congress against CPIM. It’s clear that there have been some serious conflicts of interests and bonding of interests which ultimately gave birth to this alliance and to be honest politics has always been the game of snake and ladder where yesterday’s friend become today’s foe and vice-versa.

Almost 7 decades after the communist party was found, the West Bengal party unit has become desperate with the alliance of Congress to topple the Trinamool Congress govt from Writers’ and Nobanno. The philosophy lies in the tactical measures to be taken by the arch rivals of yesteryear who are clearly strategizing to eat up the pie with the aim of surpassing the vote percentage in the composite form. In case if this turns out to be the reality the vote share of TMC would definitely go thin with its geographic presence in Bengal also in the loop side; with a huge presence in southern West Bengal but a weak presence in central and northern West Bengal provided that there would be some action from the house of BJP too.

The essence of the reality can be summed up in one sentence of its own. The communists do not have a ghost of a chance to win and so does Congress, hence the remedy is to join hands and fight for the common goal. However, the result of this could be disastrous for Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. But as per the voting results of the 2011 assembly elections and 2014 Lok Sabha elections, we have seen that Trinamool has won the maximum number of seats in both the elections and in turn increasing the chances of them bagging the maximum number of seats this time as well. 

Now all we need to do is to sit and watch whether this new alliance will seriously bring any change in West Bengal, or else the only visible problem thereafter would be the sharing of seats which lies inevitable in the near future. 

Monalisa Mitra
( PG MEDIA 2015-2017)

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